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More and more dogs are experienced as real family members, the culture is sensitizing canine fans and more and more pet owners want to feel involved in projects relating to their welfare. AkitaLab, is born from its founders love for Akita and their desire to help in their protection and care.
With this project we want to learn and study what might be the causes of the most common diseases in the breed and expand, through various initiatives, the interest on the general health.
With this premise is outlined AkitaLab identity through the creation of an association that mixes a set of skills to offer solutions to the problems set in the dog fanciers. The studies will be funded by the Association and its supporters through a network of partnerships and events and online sales coordinated by AkitaLab.
The association continues on two parallel tracks: on the one hand the research and management practice to do, collect and test samples; on the other hand  organizing campaigns, seminars and recreational activities.
AkitaLab is private, non-partisan, non-profit organization, which receives no funding from the state and operates throughout the Italian territory thanks to the generous support of its partners and the commitment of its volunteers.